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Dear Doctor of Chiropractic,

My name is Kyle Wilson and I am the new National Director of Marketing and Operations for the Council on Extremity Adjusting(CEA). I'm also a chiropractic patient. It wasn't long ago I was struggling with lower back pain and TMJ myself.

Isn't it funny how world's collide?

Let me take you back to a day 16 years ago, when I stood up from my recliner and my lower back seized up like it was in a giant steel vice. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I was working construction at the time and undoubtedly was hampered by injuries sustained while playing basketball in college.

I was referred to a local chiropractor and signed up for a schedule of ongoing, weekly treatments. I experienced some relief off and on, but the lower back pain kept coming back (I was only being treated for spinal subluxations, not extremity abnormalities).

After a while my progress flat-lined and the weekly visits became too costly. I quit going.

The next several years I just dealt with the pain as it reappeared off and on.

Then one night it happened; I yawned real big and my jaw locked up. Although I tried to get it back into position, the pain was almost unbearable so my wife took me to the emergency room.

Three hours and $600 later, my jaw was back into place. For years after, about once a month, it would lock up again ("Mommy, look at that guy over there who can't close his mouth with food all over his shirt") but luckily I figured out how to get it back into place myself.

A fewyears later, my neighbor told me how a chiropractor friend of his helped him get back on his feet after hurting his back playing basketball.

Frustrated with the lingering pain in my back, I made the call.

This time around I was treated with spinal adjustments, muscle testing and extremity adjustments, and counseled on diet and nutrition. After a few visits I started seeing results and felt better due to the changes in my diet and supplementation the Dr. recommended.

I continued to feel better and started getting my energy back, but that debilitating lower back pain would periodically reappear. And my jaw was still locking up (trips to the dentist were painful)…

My two most painful areas were still not fixed.

When I recently joined the Council on Extremity Adjusting (CEA), one of the benefits was to receive ongoing chiropractic care from Dr. Hearon. This was my first experience working with Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners (CCEP).

As part of my first series of treatments, I

  • Was thoroughly interviewed about my past health history
  • Had my spine x-rayed
  • Was presented the findings and a course of correction
  • Was adjusted six times (spine and extremities, including jaw)
  • Had my feet adjusted
  • Was custom fit for orthotics for both work and athletic shoes
  • Prescribed exercises to stretch and strengthen my lower back

My spine had never been x-rayed before, and I was blown away by seeing the actual proof.It was very clear why I had suffered from lower back pain all these years.

Here's what the x-rays showed:

  • My left clavicle was 1" higher than my right
  • My pelvis was twisted so that the left side was 1" higher than my right
  • My right leg was 1" shorter than my left
  • My jaw was severely out of alignment
  • My right foot was like a club, completely locked up in all major joints

As you can imagine, I also had numerous vertebrae out of alignment, and barely had any strength in my left arm and leg.

After my first series of treatments, exercises, and using the orthotics religiously, I am feeling better than I ever have, and the lower back pain that has "had me running with the brake pedal on" for so many years, is now gone.

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So, as a D. C., ask yourself this question…

If I was your patient, are you equipped to solve my problems, relieve my pain, and get me back to where I can function at 100% capacity?

If the answer is "No", then why not? Do you refer patients like me to extremity experts (CCEPs), or keep them coming back for more spinal adjustments and maybe some minor extremity work?

Think about this; what would your practice look like if…

  • You were equipped to treat all subluxations the body can experience, and not just ones connected to the spine?
  • You no longer had to refer patients out to other D. C.s who specialize in extremity adjustment?
  • You could eliminate the guilt of not being able to treat challenging cases?
  • You had new, marketable skills to bring more patients into your practice?
  • You were part of a community of practitioners who worked together to share research and techniques to help you solve your toughest patient cases, so you could attract and keep more patients?

"Sounds great Kyle, but how and where do I get this education without breaking the bank?"

"How far will I have to travel, and how much time will it take out of my busy schedule?"

"I don't want to sit through hours of fluff-filled continuing education to learn very few (if any) practical techniques I can implement on Monday morning."

You don't have to thanks to the Council on Extremity Adjusting. Starting February 8 and 9, 2014, we're hosting our entire CCEP Seminar Series right here in Boise, Idaho. Before I give you the details, here's some information about the CCEP certification program or you can Register Here.

“The Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) seminar series presents practical objective -based solutions for treating the extremities. Chiropractic often stresses the importance of nerve interference in the spine, but neglects that it may also occur in the extremities. This simplified process utilizes muscle tests as indicators for adjusting, providing instant feedback for patients when their strength returns immediately. These practical techniques have been working for over 1,200 fully certified CCEPs across the globe, some for over 30 years.

While these seminars do teach some of the “textbook” information behind the process, the real value is the “hands-on” approach that will teach you how to efficiently implement these methods into your care the next day . . . and with little more than your hands, you can get started without a huge investment.”

You don't have to take our word for it. Read some of the messages we've received from CCEP certified D. C.s all over the world talking about how the CCEP education has helped them treat difficult cases and create better patient outcomes, attract floods of new patients into their practices, and differentiate themselves from their spine-only competitors in their local markets. I hope they inspire you…

"Learning one new shoulder technique was worth the whole year of classes. As a seasoned chiropractor, I was amazed at how many more patients could be helped, because I took the CCEP courses. When my own shoulder was hurt, I went to five chiropractors to get it treated. The fifth one, a CCEP, is the only one that was able to adjust it and correct 90% of the problem instantly. If you want to be that 1 in 5 doctor who gets the job done, become a CCEP!"

~Dr. Jim Stilley, DC, CCEP, Plymouth Meeting, PA


"My career wouldn't be the same without my CCEP training. I am lucky enough to use my CCEP techniques every single day in my practice. I have several athletes in my practice, and all of them, as well as my non- athletic patients, benefit from the extremity adjusting protocols I learned from the Council on Extremity Adjusting. I have patients from auto racing, motocross, dancing, the NFL, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and the list goes on and on. It is so important as a chiropractor to be able to treat the spine first, and then everything connected to the spine as well. I am one of the only CCEP's in the State of Arizona, so it truly helps to set me apart from other chiropractors. If I could recommend one specialty to all DC's, this is it!"

~Dr. Chris M. McDaniel, DC, CCEP, Scottsdale, AZ


"I did my CCEP training a year after I graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in the UK. Although our MSC program included a great deal of spinal and extremity rehabilitation, I felt the need to expand my young practice and be as good in extremity as Iwas in spinal health. The program was very thorough, and I recommend it to every chiropractor. I can assure you, it has paid for itself many times over even before I graduated. These days I am heading the Rehabilitative Chiropractic Unit in AssafHaRofe General Hospital in Isreal where I use and teach the CCEP concepts and techniques to otherchiropractors and chiropractic assistants. I find it extremely useful in severe cases where the "diversified" range of tools is not enough. The CCEP is for the bio-medically orientated chiropractor that wants to do and understand more than just to release a fixation."

~Dr. G. Almog, DC, CCEP, England


"I am the team doc for The University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks. I work year round with the football team on all players and staff top to bottom. I also work with all the athletes from all other sports requesting a D.C. I am also the team D.C. for the Columbia Inferno which is our ECHL professional hockey team and I have been in that position for 7 years. On both teams I work hand in hand with some of the best orthopedic surgeons and athletic training staffs. It has been a long process but they are finally seeing the benefits of extremity adjusting and my CCEP has been an invaluable tool in showing them we are more than just spine crackers and I owe all of this to Dr. Hearon. Tell him I said thank you…"

~ Dr. Evan M. Cohen, Columbia, S.C.


I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find CEUs that (1) don't require long travel, (2) don't cost you a couple extremities, (3) teach practical, hand-on techniques that you can implement on Monday, (4) show you how to implement new, marketable skills with no more than your hands, (5) provide you with a ROI potential from new patients and referrals, and (6) show you how to treat your most challenging cases.

Most CEUs cost you money. CCEP certification is an investment that pays you back many times over in your practice.Look over the great offer we put together for our Boise seminar series and get registered today!

Sincerely in Health,

Kyle Wilson
National Director of Marketing and Operations
Council on Extremity Adjusting/Hearon Seminars

P. S.We want you to experience the same results as many of our other CCEPs. Make sure you register today!

The Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner Certification Program(Seven Modules)

  • February 8 and 9, 2014
  • TMJ, Ribs and Shoulder Girdle
  • Dr. Kevin Hearon
  • March 15 and 16, 2014
  • Advanced Principles of Lower Extremity Adjusting
  • Dr. Kevin Hearon
  • April 12 and 13, 2014
  • Rehabilitation of the Extremities
  • Dr. Andrew Garner
  • May 17 and 18, 2014
  • Foot Gait and Orthotics
  • Dr. Kevin Hearon
  • June 14 and 15, 2014
  • Advanced Principles of Soft Tissue
  • Dr. Greg Bruno
  • July 12 and 13, 2014
  • Global Assessment of the Extremities
  • Dr. John Downes
  • August 9 and 10, 2014
  • Advanced Principles of Upper Extremity Adjusting
  • Dr. Kevin Hearon

* All Seminars start on Saturday at 8:00 AM with a one-hour lunch break and continues until 6:00 PM. On Sunday, the seminar starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:00 PM. Check the individual seminars you want to attend below. If you want to register for the entire CCEP series, move on to the enrollment form.

Diagnosis and treatment is made simple through understanding the biomechanical functions of each joint. Clinical findings are discussed and demonstrated in this intensive hands-on seminar. Many mysterious pains in the shoulder and thorax are discovered in class and fixed before your eyes with procedures you can perform on your patients. Learn how taking a deep breath can be made easy. Take away breast pains that are plaguing your patients. Discover how to actually fix anterior dorsal. Get rid of false angina pains. Learn why chronic cervical subluxations may be a result of T.M.J. or rib subluxations. Register Here

Learn a whole new approach to diagnosing shoulder, arm and hand subluxations, entrapments and thoracic outlet syndromes. Save patients from surgery and learn when it is needed. Say good-bye to carpal tunnel syndrome and learn why other doctors fail at treating it. Understand why the hand is one of the three most muscularly imbalanced areas of the body. Understand how to quit hurting yourself when you adjust your patients and enjoy practice. Discover the measurements used on x-ray to lock in your diagnosis and take it to court. Register Here

Know the kinetic chain of the lower extremity like you have never learned it before. Understand the involuntary mechanics of your gait pattern. Why false short legs can occur at other places than the spine and pelvis. Know what combinations of problems puts you on an express lane to hip D.J.D. and why. Discover how easy it is to treat knee injuries and get rid of Bakers cyst. Learn the anatomical landmarks of the feet and how to thoroughly examine them. Acquire adjusting procedures that realign the feet and restore function. Know when to prescribe a foot orthotic. Register Here

In this session, you'll learn the etiology of soft tissue injuries, the general mechanism of soft tissue healing, and how to apply these principles to initiate and carry out musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs. Review the most common extremity injuries encountered in your practice, the modes of injury, exam findings, diagnosis, and the most important facets of rehabilitating these injuries. Register Here

Posture, both static and kinetic, is discussed and demonstrated. Primary and secondary shock absorbers of gait are related to their major muscle and nerve root. Neutral position of the foot is defined and demonstrated when it is pathomechanical and truly neutral. Structural deformities such as leg length, rear foot and forefoot varus/valgus, functional hallucislimitus (FHL), equinus, and others will be covered. Orthotics for common foot disorders and posture problems will be demonstrated. Learn how to cast a foot in true neutral position non-weight bearing. Learn why the foundation of the spine truly starts at the ground. Learn the difference between functional and accommodative foot orthoses, and learn to make functional orthoses (students will be making functional orthoses in this class for themselves). Register Here

To understand that treatment of the human structure requires an approach that encompasses the total structure. Areas beyond the articulation must be evaluated and altered for complete healing to occur. This course expresses the relationship of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and especially the fascial system) to the function and dysfunction of the spine and extremities. It develops the concept that the articulations and soft tissues of the body are directly related and continuous throughout the body. Soft Tissue Methods introduces hands-on methods to treat peripheral neural and vascular entrapments, fascial, muscle, tendon and ligamentus restrictions. Relieve pain and help prevent recidivism of the chiropractic subluxation. Register Here

Global Assessment of Extremities recognizes the interrelationship and the necessary intimacy of the spine to the extremities. Extremity dysfunction can and does affect the overall performance of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Thus, a "global" method of evaluation, analysis, and management is necessary. Understanding the signs, symptoms, and syndromes in a 'whole body' management format will solidify the practical application of the principles teamed in all prior modules. The most challenging patients are those that improve, but never completely resolve their complaints. Learn basic algorithms that will aid in establishing or reinforcing practical proficiency in management protocols.

This module will be based upon combining the general principles of all prior modules and the specifics of rehabilitation, extremity adjusting, orthotics and stabilization based upon the Council on Extremity Adjusting. Register Here

Standard Pricing:

CCEP 105 Hour Seminar Package: $2,250 (get 1 class free, includes class materials and 1st 15 hours of CEUs)

Individual Seminar (15 hours): $375 (includes class materials, does not include CEU credits)

CEU Credit: $35 (per 15-hour seminar)

The Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner Certification Program Enrollment Form

Platinum Package (limited time)

Invest $2,250 by January 25, 2014 and receive:

  • The complete CCEP seminar series, 7 seminars total for the price of 6 - a $375 savings
  • 15 Free CEU credits (we pay for your credits on the 1st class) - a $35 value
  • Free DVD 4-Pack (Upper Extremity/Lower Extremity/TMJ & Ribs/Foot, Gait & Orthotics) - a $405 value
  • Free Principles of Taping & Supports DVD - a $60 value

Total package value of $3,125 for only $2,250! This offer expires on midnight, January 25, 2014.

YES! I want to take advantage of the best offer before midnight, January 25, 2014.

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Gold Package (limited time)

Invest $2,250 before midnight, February 1, 2014 and receive:

  • The complete CCEP seminar series, 7 seminars total for the price of 6 - a $375 savings
  • 15 Free CEU credits (we pay for your credits on the 1st class) - a $35 value
  • Free Principles of Taping & Supports DVD - a $60 value

Total package value of $2,720 for only $2,250! This offer expires on midnight, February 1, 2014. Register Here

Silver Package

Invest $2,250 and receive:

  • The complete CCEP seminar series, 7 seminars total for the price of 6 - a $375 savings
  • 15 Free CEU credits (we pay for your credits on the 1st class) - a $35 value

Total package value of $2,660 for only $2,250!

Seating will be limited and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Register today to secure your spot!

Here's more proof in case you're on the fence:

"I have been a C.C.E.P. since 1996. I received excellent, hands-on training from great instructors. I have used the techniques that I learned every day in practice. As the team chiropractor for a university football team, extremity adjusting is extremely beneficial. Using the techniques that I learned, I have "saved" many patients from needless surgeries. I highly recommend that all chiropractors become CCEPs!"

~Dr. Pierre DesLauriers, DC, CCEP, CSCS, White Rock, B.C., CANADA


"I am a little hesitant on promoting extremity adjusting only because it has made me one-of-a-kind in my area. My practice has changed 10-fold. I can't even imagine where my practice would be without using extremity adjusting. You can work thespine all you want, but if you have a faulty hip, knee, or foot, every time the patient gets up off the table the problem starts up again. It does cutdown on the number of visits you will see one patient, but the door opens for so many more new patients because you get your patients better quicker. The word has spread that I can fix extremity problems as well as get your spine fixed faster. I could go could go on and on, but I think you get thepoint. Extremity adjusting is a must for every doctor wanting to help his patients. Thanks Dr. Hearon!"

~ Dr. Rick Moxon, DC,CCEP, Fond du Lac, W


"The CCEP program has made me an authority in extremity adjusting in the eyes of my patients. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use a variety of muscle testing procedures or techniques that I learned in the program. Sometimes it is literally the thing I use to convince patients that the adjustment is a powerful tool for their health. I have taken the most skeptical of patients and demonstrated the muscle testing exam, made the adjustment and then retested and they cannot believe the change they can feel. At that point I can tell them that if the muscle strength can return that quickly, think about the nerve supply that is returning to organs they didn't even know weren't functioning properly. It speaks volumes. I think sometimes it ismy biggest referral tool. CCEP is a program that can change your practice for the better. I honestlywould not be where I am today without this technique."

~ Dr. Guy Coberly, DC, CCEP, Loveland, CO


Here is what Dr. Kevin Hearon, President and Founder of the Council on Extremity Adjusting and the CCEP program has to say after using and teaching extremity-based techniques for over 30 years.

"In 1995 I developed the CCEP program (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner), along with a few other like-minded doctors, to fill the void the other specialties were not addressing as thoroughly as was needed. The stability of the spine is dependent upon the stability of the extremities and vice versa. The concept that the neurological system must be in balance with the mechanical control system is the key approach that sets the average chiropractor apart from the exceptional chiropractor in results and stability for the patients. That is why so many team doctors atthe collegiate and professional ranks todayare CCEP's."

~ Dr. Kevin Hearon, DC, CCEP, CCSP


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