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Advanced Principles of TMJ, Ribs and Shoulder Girdle - Northwestern

  • Northwestern Health Sciences University 2501 W. 84th St. Bloomington, MN 55431 (map)

Advanced Principles of TMJ, Ribs and Shoulder Girdle with Dr. Kevin Hearon DC, CCEP

Diagnosis and treatment is made simple through understanding the biomechanical functions of each joint. Clinical findings are discussed and demonstrated in this intensive hands-on seminar. Many mysterious pains in the shoulder and thorax are discovered in class and fixed before your eyes with procedures you can perform on your patients. Learn how taking a deep breath can be made easy. Take away breast pains that are plaguing your patients. Discover how to actually fix anterior dorsal. Get rid of false angina pains. Learn why chronic cervical subluxations may be a result of T.M.J. or rib subluxations.

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