CERTIFICATION: To become certified as a Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP), you must:

  • Take all seven CCEP seminars. They are 15 hours in length each, offered over seven weekends, usually one month apart. All seven seminars and the final exam must be completed within a 5 year timeframe. One of the seminars must be taken after graduation, having attained a D.C. degree. The student is responsible to ensure that the institution provides verification of course completion to the CEA office.
  • Pass all exams at each seminar with a cumulative score of 75% or greater.
  • Pass the practical exam - A $200 sitting fee is required, paid two weeks in advance. Payment can be made online or by calling the CEA office with a credit card payment.

BRONZE COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP:  Once certification is achieved, CCEPs become members of the Council on Extremity Adjusting, which exists to advance extremity adjusting in the chiropractic field.  BRONZE Members pay an annual dues fee of $120, and receive the following benefits:

  • Be featured in our new, improved online CCEP Locator
  • Get access to our educational video library
  • VIP discounts at participating institutions for refresher CCEP courses, which can be taken to fulfill Continuing Education requirements
  • Get access to our member-only online forum and private Facebook page
  • Receive our monthly newsletter featuring updated research, new techniques, nutrition tips, and practice marketing strategies



CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Once every two years the Council requires that 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) be chosen with an extremity emphasis, keeping those who carry the CCEP designate current in the field of extremity adjusting. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking a CCEP refresher course (Discounts available at participating institutions), or by choosing CE with other agencies in one of the following subjects: Sports, Orthopedic; Extremity; Neurology; Rehabilitation, or Soft Tissue. CCEPs must provide confirmation of your Continuing Education to the Council in order to maintain their certification.