Benefits Of CCEP Membership

As you may or may not know, the Council on Extremity Adjusting is going through a major overhaul.  We are in the process of rebranding the look and mission of the council while upgrading all of our services to better serve the chiropractic community.  Our new brand purpose statement for 2014 and beyond is: 

"Advancing health, performance, and longevity beyond the spine"

This simply means that we’re not just asking you to buy a membership; we’re asking you to join a movement to unite and improve the Chiropractic profession, to enhance the skills of all chiropractors through extremity education, to help you treat more difficult cases, to help more patients resume their active lifestyles, to separate yourself in your local market, to build successful practices, share your gifts of natural care with more people, and change how people consume health care.

Based on the massive amount of feedback we received from many of you, here’s a preview of what we’re currently working on:

  •  New website to better facilitate communicationplan your CE courses and enhance your education at
  • Scheduling 12-15 seminar series’ all over the U. S. and abroadFind a seminar series near you
  • Updating the current CCEP coursesLearn new practical techniques to treat more difficult cases
  • Creating an Advanced CCEP certification curriculumAdvance your skills to the next level, differentiate from your local competition, and solve more patient cases
  • Delivering instruction via online video Save time and travel expense by learning from home
  • Increasing hands-on, practical instruction in live seminarsRefine your practical skills and implement them immediately into your practice on Monday

To execute on our mission, we’ve beefed up our staff to better serve you and your chiropractic education needs.

To better serve you, we’ve also added massive value to your annual membership. For the low price of $120 for 2015.  As a CCEP member, you will:

  • Be featured in our new, improved online CCEP Locator
  • Have a link from your CCEP Locator profile directly to your website, Facebook page, where ever you want
  • Get access to our course video library
  • Enjoy VIP discounts on CCEP refresher courses

Just one patient referral per year from the CCEP Locator will produce a positive ROI on your $120 investment.

 Here’s a message from CEA Founder and President, Kevin Hearon:

“At the CEA, it our mission to lift up chiropractors and unite the Chiropractic industry. We want to empower you as Chiropractors to solve more patient cases, help more people resume their active lifestyles, get more referrals, and stand out in your local markets.  We realize we have become complacent the last few years, but we have renewed our passion and mission to providing value to the Chiropractic profession. We want to hear your needs and provide solutions to your most pressing issues.  We are committed to more seminar locations, updating and upgrading courses, and providing more practical, hands-on education you can implement into your practice immediately. I would ask you to join us in our renewed movement to improve Chiropractic.”

Watch this short video to hear the story of one of our many successful CCEPs and why he thinks you should join the CEA movement to improve chiropractic:

Click here to watch video.

Don’t delay; join the renewed and reinvigorated CEA movement:  You can make your payment using these three easy methods:

1.      Make your payment online at   Your receipt will be emailed to you.

2.      Call the office at (208) 375-7431 with your credit card payment.

3.      Mail a check in U. S. funds to CEA, 3314 N. Cole Rd., Boise, ID, 83704.

We look forward to serving you in a way that empowers you to better serve your patients.  Thank you for your patronage, and let us know how we can continue to improve our service.

Sincerely in Health,

Sam Hendricks, D.C. 
National Director of Operations
Council on Extremity Adjusting

P:  (208) 375-7431
F:  (208) 377-9932