Doctors of Chiropractic:  Why You Should Be a CCEP

Question:  If I was your patient and I had extremity-based issues that spinal adjustments couldn’t fix, are you equipped to solve my problems, relieve my pain, and get me back to where I can function at or near 100% capacity?

If the answer is "No", then why not? Do you refer patients like me to extremity experts (CCEPs), or keep them coming back for more spinal adjustments?

Our CCEPs receive referrals all the timefrom spine-only doctors.

Think about this; what would your practice look like if…

  • You were equipped to treat all subluxations the body can experience, and not just ones connected to the spine?
  • You no longer had to refer patients out to other D. C.s who specialize in extremity adjustment?

  • You could eliminate the guilt of not being able to treat all challenging cases?
  • You had new, marketable skills to bring more patients into your practice?
  • You were part of a community of practitioners who worked together to share research and techniques to help you solve your toughest patient cases, so you could attract and keep more patients?

"Sounds great, but how and where do I get this education without breaking the bank?"

"How far will I have to travel, and how much time will it take out of my busy schedule?"

"I don't want to sit through hours of fluff-filled continuing education to learn very few (if any) practical techniques I can implement on Monday morning."

You don't have to thanks to our Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner(CCEP) seminar series. We conduct our seminar series’ all over the country every year.  Click here to see our seminar schedule.

While these seminars do teach some of the “textbook” information behind the process, the real value is the “hands-on” approach that will teach you how to efficiently implement these methods into your care the next day . . . and with little more than your hands, you can get started without a huge investment.

For more information about our CCEP seminars, click here.

You don't have to take our word for it. Click here to read some of the testimonials we've received from CCEP certified D. C.s all over the world talking about how the CCEP education has helped them treat difficult cases and create better patient outcomes, attract floods of new patients into their practices, and differentiate themselves from their spine-only competitors in their local markets. I hope they inspire you…

I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find CEUs that (1) don't require long travel, (2) don't cost you a couple extremities, (3) teach practical, hand-on techniques that you can implement on Monday, (4) show you how to implement new, marketable skills with no more than your hands, (5) provide you with a ROI potential from new patients and referrals, and (6) show you how to treat your most challenging cases.

Most CEUs cost you money. CCEP certification is an investment that pays you back many times over in your practice.Click here to find a seminar series near you.  We look forward to seeing you there!