Here's what some of our CCEPs from across the globe say about the education they received in the CCEP certification program and what it's done for their patients and practices: 

"Learning one new shoulder technique was worth the whole year of classes. As a seasoned chiropractor, I was amazed at how many more patients could be helped, because I took the CCEP courses. When my own shoulder was hurt, I went to five chiropractors to get it treated. The fifth one, a CCEP, is the only one that was able to adjust it and correct 90% of the problem instantly. If you want to be that 1 in 5 doctors who gets the job done, become a CCEP!"

~Dr. Jim Stilley, DC, CCEP, Plymouth Meeting, PA


"My career wouldn't be the same without my CCEP training. I am lucky enough to use my CCEP techniques every single day in my practice. I have several athletes in my practice, and all of them, as well as my non- athletic patients, benefit from the extremity adjusting protocols I learned from the Council on Extremity Adjusting. I have patients from auto racing, motocross, dancing, the NFL, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and the list goes on and on. It is so important as a chiropractor to be able to treat the spine first, and then everything connected to the spine as well. I am one of the only CCEP's in the State of Arizona, so it truly helps to set me apart from other chiropractors. If I could recommend one specialty to all DC's, this is it!"

~Dr. Chris M. McDaniel, DC, CCEP, Scottsdale, AZ


"I did my CCEP training a year after I graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in the UK. Although our MSC program included a great deal of spinal and extremity rehabilitation, I felt the need to expand my young practice and be as good in extremity as I was in spinal health. The program was very thorough, and I recommend it to every chiropractor. I can assure you, it has paid for itself many times over even before I graduated. These days I am heading the Rehabilitative Chiropractic Unit in AssafHaRofe General Hospital in Isreal where I use and teach the CCEP concepts and techniques to other chiropractors and chiropractic assistants. I find it extremely useful in severe cases where the "diversified" range of tools is not enough. The CCEP is for the bio-medically orientated chiropractor that wants to do and understand more than just to release a fixation."

~Dr. G. Almog, DC, CCEP, England


"I am the team doc for The University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks. I work year round with the football team on all players and staff top to bottom. I also work with all the athletes from all other sports requesting a D.C. I am also the team D.C. for the Columbia Inferno which is our ECHL professional hockey team and I have been in that position for 7 years. On both teams I work hand in hand with some of the best orthopedic surgeons and athletic training staffs. It has been a long process but they are finally seeing the benefits of extremity adjusting and my CCEP has been an invaluable tool in showing them we are more than just spine crackers and I owe all of this to Dr. Hearon. Tell him I said thank you…"

~ Dr. Evan M. Cohen, Columbia, S.C.


"I have been a C.C.E.P. since 1996. I received excellent, hands-on training from great instructors. I have used the techniques that I learned every day in practice. As the team chiropractor for a university football team, extremity adjusting is extremely beneficial. Using the techniques that I learned, I have "saved" many patients from needless surgeries. I highly recommend that all chiropractors become CCEPs!"

~Dr. Pierre DesLauriers, DC, CCEP, CSCS, White Rock, B.C., CANADA


"I am a little hesitant on promoting extremity adjusting only because it has made me one-of-a-kind in my area. My practice has changed 10-fold. I can't even imagine where my practice would be without using extremity adjusting. You can work the spine all you want, but if you have a faulty hip, knee, or foot, every time the patient gets up off the table the problem starts up again. It does cut down on the number of visits you will see one patient, but the door opens for so many more new patients because you get your patients better quicker. The word has spread that I can fix extremity problems as well as get your spine fixed faster. I could go could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Extremity adjusting is a must for every doctor wanting to help his patients. Thanks Dr. Hearon!"

~ Dr. Rick Moxon, DC,CCEP, Fond du Lac, W


"The CCEP program has made me an authority in extremity adjusting in the eyes of my patients. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't use a variety of muscle testing procedures or techniques that I learned in the program. Sometimes it is literally the thing I use to convince patients that the adjustment is a powerful tool for their health. I have taken the most skeptical of patients and demonstrated the muscle testing exam, made the adjustment and then retested and they cannot believe the change they can feel. At that point I can tell them that if the muscle strength can return that quickly, think about the nerve supply that is returning to organs they didn't even know weren't functioning properly. It speaks volumes. I think sometimes it is my biggest referral tool. CCEP is a program that can change your practice for the better. I honestly would not be where I am today without this technique."

~ Dr. Guy Coberly, DC, CCEP, Loveland, CO


“The education that I have received while obtaining my certification as an extremities practitioner has been invaluable.   It not only allows me to successfully treat areas of the body outside of the spine, but it has resulted in remarkable benefits for the spine itself, such as longer lasting adjustments. 

The CCEP has allowed me to help a number of patients, including a promising 14 year old male hockey player.  This young man came into the office with significant hip/thigh pain with every step he took.  Unfortunately he had a hockey tournament the next day, a tournament that was set to have college recruits attending.  After adjusting his hip/femur, performing some soft tissue work and adjusting his spine, he was able to perform in the tournament without any pain.

I am thankful for the education I received from the CCEP.  Every chiropractor could benefit from becoming certified as a chiropractic extremities practitioner.  More importantly, every patient could benefit from education that as well.”

~ Dr. Eddie Kaput, DC


Here is what Dr. Kevin Hearon, President and Founder of the Council on Extremity Adjusting and the CCEP program has to say after using and teaching extremity-based techniques for over 30 years.

"In 1995 I developed the CCEP program (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner), along with a few other like-minded doctors, to fill the void the other specialties were not addressing as thoroughly as was needed. The stability of the spine is dependent upon the stability of the extremities and vice versa. The concept that the neurological system must be in balance with the mechanical control system is the key approach that sets the average chiropractor apart from the exceptional chiropractor in results and stability for the patients. That is why so many team doctors at the collegiate and professional ranks today are CCEP's."

~ Dr. Kevin Hearon, DC, CCEP, CCSP