What Does a Corporate Health Coach Do?

EDUCATE: Health Coaches are involved with educating a defined population of individuals, such as trainers, on a year-round basis. Most find the credible and legitimate exposure to be very effective in increasing their visibility in the community as a resource for health improvement. Education venues include: Annual Wellness Programs and Monthly Health Presentations in each health facility. Many events provide training in orthopedic, range of motion and other screenings to create an increased awareness of risk factors/health issues and generate a commitment to pursue health improvement for themselves and their clients.

INTERVENE: Intervention is the mechanism to reduce risk. Specifically, it is health improvement by reducing and/or eliminating behavioral, lifestyle and kinetic chain risk factors with actively engaged individuals. The Council on Extremity Adjusting presents proven and established intervention programs based around the fact that the kinetic chain is the other master control system that is synergistic with the neurologic control system.

The two systems must be in harmony for true structural balance to occur. Intervention involves the development of specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely corrections of kinetic chain issues. The Corporate Health Coaching system equips the Coach to structure a 12-month intervention program with monthly sessions. Health Coaches trained by the Council on Extremity Adjusting have available to them tools, resources, programs, protocols, and support to ensure their success.

How Do Health Coaches Benefit?

  • Generation of new revenue streams from the provision of intervention services.
  • Enhanced exposure and visibility as a community health and wellness resource You become the expert in your community.
  • Ability to “give back” and contribute to the creation of a healthier community.
  • New opportunities to work through the Council’s Certification program and expand your level of knowledge.
  • Access to and training on tools, resources, programs, and protocols that are applicable to corporate clients as well as individuals in their community
  • Becoming a Corporate Health Coach isn’t time consuming and provides for the ability to set one’s own schedule. Scheduling a two-hour lecture once a month with only five companies is usually enough to keep you busy.

Who Can Become a Corporate Health Coach?

  • Credentialing: Corporate Health Coaches are required to complete a class through the Council on Extremity Adjusting on the joints they want to lecture on to ensure their suitability for working with clients. If you are a CCEP, you qualify at all levels. If you have taken a few classes from the Council, then you only qualify to teach the joints covered in those classes as determined by the Council.
  • Education: Most Health Coaches are Doctors of Chiropractic, but exception can be made based upon experience and education. Typical backgrounds of Health Coaches include but are not limited to the following: Licensed doctors including Naturopaths, Orthopedists, Acupuncturists, and others.
  • Communications Skills: Effective one-on-one and group communication skills.
  • A good “fit” based upon philosophies, willingness to follow established and successful protocols, growth goals, etc.


Teaching DVDs

The Council on Extremity Adjusting has taken the guess work out with ready-to-use presentations. There are a number of titles to choose from (see online store) and each one costs $50. You will earn that back very quickly when you teach the class. Becoming a Corporate Health Coach will be a boost to your chiropractic career during economically troubled times.


How Do I Become a Corporate Health Coach?

  • Get training (if you have not already done so) over various subjects through the Council on Extremity Adjusting. CCEPs are already qualified to teach any subject.
  • Order the DVDs - each containing a Power Point presentation. (this can be used to generate class notes.)
  • Make contacts in your community where you might offer these lay lectures.
  • Choose companies that have a high degree of issues with the subject you are teaching.
  • Workout facilities like “Gold’s Gym” work well because you can train the trainers. This is important: Offer to train their trainers, not their customers. The trainers then come to you as patients and refer other clients of theirs. The up line of exposure is great. You will become their “Guru.”
  • It is recommended that you not charge to lecture for the two-hour seminar you schedule. Tell them that if the seminar is not four times better than what they expect, they need not have you back.
  • The DVDs provide an interesting program that can be practically applied by the group. Be knowledgeable in the area you are teaching. Follow the Power Point program and have participants do the tests as you go over them.
  • You will teach them appropriate stretching for the area and analysis. You do not teach them treatment of the problems, but will demonstrate on them the muscle tests and adjustments of the extremities. When they see before and after tests on their friends, they get really excited. Guess who they will refer their clients to? YOU!
  • Schedule a talk each month on different joints. Bring models of the joints to the seminar. It is recommended that you start from the ground up with the feet and work up the body from there each month.
  • Offer a 50% discount during the next month on their initial exam if they schedule an appointment that day.

Get more exposure in your local community, set yourself apart as the leading authority in your community, and create new revenue streams for your business by becoming a Corporate Health CoachClick here to buy your starter DVD kit and get started today.