Dr. Kevin Hearon DC, CCEP, CCSP is teaching for the FCEA at several different locations throughout the year. I am copying an excerpt from the FCEA website about who they are and what they do.We have listed the dates on the CCEP Calendar and here on this page. To register for their seminars you will need to go to there website at fceachiro.com

Excerpt from the FCEA    No doubt, we are preaching to the choir, but Continuing Education courses, although necessary for your profession, sometimes end up being nothing more than fulfilling state required education hours for your practice with no real long term benefits. The Continuing Education Association is on a mission to change that and more.

FCEA is the nation’s leader in CE and we intend to prove it at each and every seminar we host. In essence, we bring you cutting edge topics presented by the most dynamic and influential presenters in the industry.


Course 1:

Memphis, TN - October 29, 2016

Upper Extremity -- Dr. Kevin Hearon DC, CCEP, CCSP

Course 2

Chicago, IL - November 19, 2015

Lower Extremity -- Dr. Kevin Hearon DC, CCEP, CCSP