Attention Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students:
Are you ready to grow your practice?

“You’re About To Learn Insider Secrets To Making More Money In Your Practice, Serving More Patients, and Solving More Challenging Patient Cases.”

Before Dr. Hearon made this discovery, he was struggling with a lack of patients and earning less money per hour than he was worth.

Does this sound familiar in your practice?

Do you have room to see more patients in your schedule? 

Let me rephrase that; do you have room to serve more patients in your schedule and earn more money per hour that you work serving patients?

Statistics show that over 95% of you will say “yes” and “yes” to both of these questions. 

The problem is that the techniques most of us are using are not designed to solve all of our patient’s problems. 

For “spine-only” Docs, we know that there are a host of pains, impingements, and discomforts that a patient can experience that can’t be solved by spinal manipulation alone.

And for most extremity adjusting practitioners, there are several lower back, hip and leg issues in our patients that can’t be fixed “working from the top down” only.  Those problems are originating from somewhere else; from an area that most DCs don’t care to engage with or “touch”.

What happens to those patients?

They either get referred to extremity practitioners who specialize in working on this particular body part and lose the opportunity to help someone and get paid handsomely for it.

Or they get victimized by a ‘spine-only’ Doc who slams them into a long-term treatment plan, continuing to adjust their spine knowing full well that chances are, by the time they walk back to their cars, their spine will be out of alignment again (Dr. Hearon actually tested this theory on me and it proved true, before he treated and cured the root cause of my lower back problems).

You see, the fundamental problem that is causing your patient pain in their lower back, hips, and leg joints isn’t being addressed.  

But it’s not your fault.  These techniques aren’t taught in chiropractic schools or by most (if any) seminar lecturers, other than Dr. Hearon and his instructor team at the CEA. 

If you were to go out and try to become the expert on your own, you would be faced with:

  • Having to find someone qualified to teach you these skills
  • Paying a ridiculous amount of money to buy their time
  • Finding or creating the tools necessary to assist you in implementing these techniques into your practice
  • Sourcing the best products that will best suit the needs of your patients  

When Dr. Hearon made his discovery, his practice was transformed forever.  Not only did his exhaustive research and fast implementation make him the expert in his local markets, he soon became one of the most sought after lecturers in the world on these very techniques.

The good news is that you don’t have to any of the things listed above.  The education, tools, and system have already been created for you.

And many of you have already taken the introductory Foot, Gait, and Orthotics course as part of your CCEP journey, and several have taken it multiple times.

But how many of you have truly implemented the techniques into your practice, use it on a daily basis, and communicated to your local market that you are the expert? 

Just to be clear; our goal with this message isn’t to promote the original FGO class.  There’s no doubt that class alone can help you transform your practice like no other; but we are talking about

How you can take your mastery of Foot, Gait and Orthotics to the next level.

So why should you listen to Dr. Hearon?

In case you don’t know, Dr. Hearon is one of the world’s foremost experts and lecturers on Foot, Gait, and Orthotics.  His practice schedule is filled every day with patients who gladly pay him hundreds of dollars to rid them of their lower back, hip, and leg joint pains.  Many of these patients are referred from other DCs, Orthopedists, General MDs and other medical and naturopathic practitioners who don’t have the skills required to solve all their patients’ problems.

Dr. Hearon is also often asked to lecture on this subject (as well as several other extremity adjusting techniques) at the chiropractic colleges, state associations, and chiropractic educational events all over the world.

So imagine what your practice (and life) would look like if:

  • Local DCs were sending you their ‘unsolvable’ patient cases
  • Your new patients referred their friends and family to you because of how well you ‘rid’ them of their pain, once and for all
  • You started generating referrals from the medical community because of your ability to provide patient’s solutions that have eluded all other medical practitioners
  • You doubled, tripled, even quadrupled how much you make per hour working with less patients

Before I tell you how easy it is to become the “go-to Doc” in your local market and make more money than ever in your practice, read just a few of the many testimonials we have received from DCs who got “plugged in” to this skill set:


“The FGO seminar has changed my career and life.  It is one of the things that sets me apart from other chiropractors.  Patients who have not been able to walk for years can now walk.  Athletes increase performance and decrease times.  We have record holders in track and weight lifting.  Keep on with the mission.”   
~Eric S. Benedetti, Royersford, PA


“I found the FGO seminar to be fantastic! It was very beneficial and Dr. North did a great job presenting the material and concepts.  Utilizing the adjusting protocols and implementing the orthotics in to our practice has given us a tool that goes beyond the standard services in most chiropractic clinics. Our patients love the extremity care and different approach, which allows them the ability to stay active and healthy without further injury.  Thank you so much to the CCEP team!”   
~Danielle Sazama, Baxter, MN

“FGO has been especially dramatic for my practice since I have a large older-population patient base.  I have been told so many times that, “My podiatrist says there is nothing he can do for my foot pain.”  Since taking the class with Dr. North and her demonstration of neutral position in the foot, gait, and orthotic fitting, I have been able to provide lower extremity adjustments that hold better and longer.  I have also noticed that many patients were wearing orthotics that were “20 years old” and were not beneficial for them. I especially noticed FHL.  I have had more patient referrals due to less pain while walking.”   
~Merrilee Foreman DC, CCEP. Albuquerque, NM


“I have been using the info from the FGO seminar and I check all patients for lower extremity dysfunction.  I've found that cases resolve 50% faster than what they used to.  I've found that for several patients the primary problem was in the foot and I didn't even adjust the low back and their condition resolved.  Lastly, I've made orthotics for patients when previous attempts by the patient to use custom or over the counter orthotics failed.  The real difference was learning to assess the foot from the FGO seminar and adjust the foot specifically then supporting with an orthotic if indicated for complete resolution of their complaints.

Patients are thrilled, and I feel like I'm a better doctor because of the training.  I no longer look at a patient with the myopic view of where to treat the pain but I understand biomechanics and regional interdependence to such a greater degree.  Thank you to the Council and specifically Drs. Hearon, North, Downes, Sinclair, Satterwhite and Bruno.” 
~Daniel J Prince, Albuquerque, NM

“You truly don't have the full spinal picture until you until you understand the role and function of the feet.  A practice essential!” 
~Patrick Andersen, Madison, WI

"If I had the opportunity to pick one of the seminars in the CCEP program to take again, it'd be the Orthotic class.  It helped take the "mystery" out of foot and gait and allowed me to confidently make orthotics in my office.  Great profit center at that!  I love, love, love having patients come back year after year to have their orthotics replaced because they're helping them so much!” 
~Heather Wright, Weatherford, TX

“The FGO seminar was awesome. The amount of info I was able to gain was priceless. I feel confident in educating patients on why they have problems that other health care professionals couldn't. Not only can I educate them but I can fix them. This is a great seminar especially if you want to make in house orthotics. The ability to fix lower extremity problems with these orthotics is a guarantee.” 
~Dr. Cody Mecham, Salt Lake City, Utah

So what is this all about?

I want to introduce you to Dr. Hearon’s “Life Work”, his new “cheater tool” designed to help you enhance your Foot, Gait and Orthotics skills to help more patients;

The Feet Exam and Orthotics Wall Chart demonstrates the step by step process of examining the feet and shoes all the way through to the creation of custom orthotics solutions.

It utilizes images and text in a “move by move” sequence that will not only help you solve more challenging patient cases, but help you get paid more money per hour doing it.

If you want to take your practice to the next level and help more patients solve their problems, here’s what you do next:

  1.      Buy enough Feet Exam and Orthotics Wall Charts to equip your office

We decided to offer you the Feet Exam and Orthotics Wall Chart for the low  price of $60, a ridiculous bargain when you consider one new FGO patient will pay for it several times over.

Dr. Hearon routinely makes $450 per hour doing FGO work on one patient (you make more or less depending on your market factors).  Do you want to work harder or smarter?

If you answered smarter, this tool is a must have as part of your FGO repertoire.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get enough charts to equip your office.


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Who is the Feet Exam and Orthotics Wall Chart for?

  • Practicing DCs who want to find the best way to grow their practice, see more FGO patients, and earn more per hour
  • DCs who want to attract more referrals
  • DCs who want to stop referring their FGO patients to local specialists (competitors)
  • DCs who want to actually see less patients while making more money
  • Chiropractic students who want to learn a skill that will differentiate them in the marketplace from Day 1

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a CCEP, or if you already do some FGO work, or none at all, or even if you are a chiropractic student who is interested in learning how to become a force in your market as soon as you open your practice, the Feet Exam and Orthotics Wall Chart was made for you.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get enough charts for your office.


Order safely and securely using your VISA, Mastercard or PayPal account (Paypal account not required to purchase)

All you have to do is “plug in”.  There’s nothing for you to create, no other experts you need to seek out and pay thousands of dollars to, no more system to buy from so-called experts with outdated techniques; just “plug in”.

P. S. After purchasing the wall chart I will give you “Step #2” to getting plugged in to take your FGO skills and your practice to the next level.  This one could take you “over the top”.    


Order safely and securely using your VISA, Mastercard or PayPal account (Paypal account not required to purchase)