Dr. Michael Krasnov DC, CCEP


Dr. Michael Krasnov has been teaching post doctoral courses for almost 20 years. In addition to teaching in the CCEP program he has taught in several CCSP programs and currently also teaches SASTM for David Graston. He also teaches for numerous state associations,large clinics, and various multidisciplinary conferences.

Dr. Krasnov has an extensive sports chiropractic background including 6 years as team chiropractor for N.C. State University and 13 years as team chiropractor for Duke University. He also served as team chiropractor for the 1996 US Olympic track and field team, and continues to work major track and field events. Dr. Krasnov is also a member of the sports medicine provider network for USA Swimming. Dr. Krasnov also teaches on a guest basis for Duke University Medical School and their medical students participate in regular preceptorships with Dr.Michael Krasnov.