Dr. Nancy North DC, CCEP


Dr. Nancy North graduated from Life University East in 1981. She was treating Olympic, college and professional athletes her first year in practice. Still feeling inadequate with her CCSP training, Dr. North began serious study with Dr. Hearon and eventually became an instructor in the CEA program. In the meantime, served as a Wrangler Doc, head Dr. for the Team Nike and Team Adidas in the adventure races, NCAA events, certified in neuromuscular re-education, as well as providing sports consultant for Santa Monica Parks and Recreation. She was featured in Self magazine and taught for a short time at Santa Monica college (Neuroanatomy and Physiology) while maintaining her practice established in 1981. Dr. North feels her CEA knowledge has been best applied to herself enabling her to recover from serious sports injuries. Her own athletic accomplishments include fast pitch national softball champion,Women's Amateur Baseball Association National Champion at age 35 and USAA Silver Medalist in Bordercross and Bronze Medal in Slopestyle at age 41. Having an experience where an NCAA athlete goes from a 5th place national ranking to 1st in 10 seconds or less utilizing some basic CEA knowledge is almost commonplace on the playing field for her, but it is the joy of passing this knowledge on to other doctors for the posterity of the profession that is her most passionate goal.