Part 1: Q and A with Dr. Hearon on New Advanced Orthotics Class

Dr. Hearon began working on the course outline for what would become the Advanced Orthotics course many years ago.  Recently he finished it and we've got the second class  scheduled for  February 25-28, 2015. 

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Recently I asked Dr. Hearon a few questions about the new course; here's the first part of that interview:

Q.  What are the financial benefits to a DC in their practice if they become an expert in Advanced Orthotics and Foot Adjusting? In other words, what does a typical Foot Gait and Orthotics patient case study look like in your local market of Boise, Idaho?

A.  Here’s what we do in my practice in Boise; I charge $75 for the exam fee for 10 minutes work, my adjustment fee is $60 for one minute of work, my orthotic fee ranges from $120 to $305, with an average of $255 for one pair. A follow up office visit one week out is typically $60 plus a few more visits, if necessary.  Keep in mind this is what I charge for these services.  Your fees may be more or less, depending on your market and other factors.

So we charge $390 for 30 to 45 minutes of work and a follow up of $60 a week later, for a total of $450 for one hour of work. If your pricing was similar to mine, you would need to see 6 patients at $70 a visit to match this income.  Do you want to work harder or smarter?  My cost in materials is a maximum of $80 (yours may be slightly more or less).

Q.  What other benefits are there for a DC to become an expert in this area?

A.  The whole baby boomer population is a walking nightmare from gait problems not fixed and degenerated. They are looking for answers and want to avoid surgery, if it is not too late. The younger generation needs to be educated about the danger coming to avoid these problems readily visible. It is predictable with a good foot exam. The 'monkeys paw' is doing the foot exam and telling them what’s coming.

Most DCs have a stigma about working on people's feet.  I'm living proof, along with many of our CCEPs, that the feet provide more opportunities to truly help patients and get paid handsomely for it than any other extremity.  Becoming an expert in Advanced Orthotics and Foot Adjusting is the best way to lift yourself well above the competition in your marketplace, in my opinion.

-Dr. Kevin Hearon, DC, CCSP, CCEP

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview coming soon.  In the meantime you can get more information at

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CEA Announces 2nd New Advanced Certification Course in Over 10 Years!

Hello Doctors of Chiropractic,

We are excited to announce the second new CCEP course in over 10 years; the Advanced Orthotics Certification, coming this February.  Before I give you the details, just know that we are only opening this up to 8 DC's, and this email is going out to our VIP CCEP members first.

Here are the details:


Lead Instructor: Kevin G. Hearon, D.C.

Cost: $1,000 (one-time payment):              

Or 3 monthly payments of $350:

To register go to                
Dates/Times:  Wednesday, February 25 - 2:00 PM-6:00 PM 

                          Thursday, February 26 - 9:00 AM-6:00 PM 

                          Friday, February 27 - 9:00 AM-6:00 PM 

                          Saturday, February 28 - 9:00 AM-2:00 PM
(25 hours of total instruction)

Location:  Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic/Foot Professional 
                 3314 N. Cole Rd. 
                 Boise, ID  83704

Max Participation:  8 DCs 
CEUs:  25

Prerequisites:  preferred CCEP designate but will accept Doctor of Chiropractic who as attended at least one of our CCEP courses.

Materials Included: 

  •         Foot Gait and Orthotics book (valued at $50)
  •         Forefoot measuring device (valued at $50)
  •         Foot Gait DVD (valued at $105)
  •         One injection mold orthotic (valued at $255)
  •         One generic orthotic (valued at $50)

That's a total of $510 in total product value, and only $490 for 25 hours of top-flight instruction from one of the pioneers in Foot Gait and Orthotics.  

Course Objective:

To allow the doctor to understand the reasons for evaluating the feet, adjusting them and the whole process of deciding whether to scan, cast or mold an orthotic or shoe to a normal foot instead of a pathological foot. Learn how to make foot orthotics in house and how to modify them.

Statement of Purpose:

The doctor needs to transfer the head knowledge into practical application in the clinic on a live patient. The protocols are series of 14 to 18 steps which need to follow a certain order. These skills take intensive hands on time to master for the doctor to feel comfortable with.

Overview of Course:

To understand the mechanical master control system of the kinetic chain from the ground up. Know how to apply the information gathered from the foot exam and understand how to apply that data to correct the relationship of the feet to the ground, thereby relieving stress in the patient's feet, knees, hips and low back.

To register go to

P. S. We are always looking for new locations to hold seminars. If you have a sizable clinic (or have access to one), and you live in a region with a high chiropractor population, we want to work with you.  Drop me a line and let's see if we can set up a CCEP seminar series in your city. 

Sincerely in Health,

Sam Hendricks DC
National Director of Marketing and Operations
Council on Extremity Adjusting
O:  (208) 375-7431

Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner

The C.C.E.P (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner) seminar teaches how diagnosis and treatment is made simple through understanding the biomechanical functions of each joint. Clinical findings are discussed and demonstrated in this intensive hands-on seminar. Many mysterious pains in the shoulder and thorax are discovered in class and fixed before your eyes with procedures you can perform on your patients. Learn how taking a deep breath can be made easy. Take away breast pains that are plaguing your patients. Discover how to actually fix anterior dorsal. Get rid of false angina pains. Learn why chronic cervical subluxations may be a result of T.M.J. or rib subluxations. Our complete seminar series will equip you with the knowledge and tools to start a more complete healing of your patients.

The Founder Dr. Kevin Hearon is an internationally acclaimed expert on extremity adjusting, gait and foot orthotics. He has taught on 13 postgraduate faculties and has published four books, 15 DVDs and a wall chart. Doctors at all levels of athletics have taken courses from Dr. Hearon since 1980. He is the president of the Council on Extremity Adjusting, an international educational organization dedicated to equipping chiropractors in the treatment of extremities.