What We Do

We Provide Education, Training, and Coaching to Help Chiropractors Grow Their Businesses While Working Less
The Council on Extremity Adjusting provides extremity adjusting education and training for Chiropractors to grow their business through skill advancement and marketing. You'll discover how to solve more tough patient cases, attract more patients, and get more referrals than you ever thought possible, while differentiating yourself from the masses. These strategies are revealed every month to our Members, at live seminars (online coming soon) and through offline and online resources so you can get started immediately. If you want to learn the techniques you need to rid your patients of pain once and for all and have them sending you floods of referrals, then you are in the right place.

How We Do It

    • Seminars
      We conduct several live, hands-on extremity adjusting seminars around the world each year.View our seminar schedule here.
    • Products
      Rookie, novice or pro, the Products page provides you the resources you need to sharpen your skills. View our products here.
    • Memberships (Coming Soon)
      We have membership services to meet all your extremity adjusting education needs. Become the "go-to" Dr. in your market.
    • Coaching (Coming Soon)
      Want to take your practice to the next level? Take advantage of our Coaching services and join the Top 1% of all Chiropractors.

What Chiropractors Are Saying About Us

"I've been using Dr. Hearon's techniques since I heard him speak at Parker Conference shoulder seminar in 1986 or '87. At the time I had three shoulder patients I was treating with basic chiropractic methods. When I incorporated Dr. Hearon's techniques, I could see almost instant relief in my patients. At that point, I was hooked on the value of extremity adjusting. I would go to one CCEP seminar a month, and I could instantly incorporate what I learned into my practice.

In 1993 as I was in the middle of the CCEP seminar series, I had a well-known NFL QB walk into my practice with various injuries that were threatening his career. I went to work on his spine and then extremities, which he said no one had ever adjusted before. After one session, he went to practice and came back the next day saying that he felt like a rookie again. He said, 'I don't know what you did yesterday, but I was throwing the ball more accurately than I have for years, my shoulders and feet feel great, that stuff was amazing. I want you to do it again.'

That's where I got my start in team sports. This guy was instrumental in getting me 12-14 of his teammates as new patients, then eventually on with the Indianapolis Colts as their team Chiropractor, which I did for 14 years. I have a lot of success stories with players from chronic to acute, high school athletes, and also my every-day patients, whether they were athletes or not. I have numerous stories like that with athletes performing at their highest levels after I put them through Dr. Hearon's muscle testing and treatment protocol.

The extremity education I received from Dr. Hearon has helped shape me as a chiropractor and has been extremely important to the growth of my practice and setting myself apart from others."

~ Stacy S. Conrad, DC, CCEP, CCSP, Fishers, IN
Co-Founder of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS), and former Team Chiropractor for the Indianapolis Colts (14 years)

"I had a 69 year old man referred to me with terrible feet problems. Heentered my office with a large wooden pole for stability and couldbarely walk into the treatment room. Both feet were swollen with the right foot more so. After a consultation and examination of his feet,I adjusted his feet, gave him some instructions for home care.

A week later he returned without the need of his big cane pole and he was feeling like a miracle had taken place in his life with his feet somuch better. I adjusted his feet again and his knee and in a week again he returned with 90% improvement. He has now come back to get the rest of his spine looked at and taken care of. He had never had chiropractic care.

To be able to take care of this patient and make a significant difference in his feet and knee has been a result of the work I have been learning from Dr. Hearon at the extremity seminars. These weekend seminars have been extremely valuable for me and ultimately the people that have been helped because of them.

~ Dr. Michael Eberle, DC, CCEP, Marysville, WA

I have greatly benefited from the course on extremity adjusting from Dr. Hearon and theother instructors he has put together. I highly recommend it to any doctor, whether inpractice a year or two or thirty. I have enjoyed the camaraderie with the other physiciansin the course. I have appreciated the hands on application and the one on one with these front running clinicians. My patients have benefited from my application of these procedures, and they are enjoying an increased level of health care. Thank you, Dr.Hearon.

~Dr. Chris Bunker, DC, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you very much for the valuable information you shared in your office at the recent extremity rehabilitation seminar. Your facility is truly comprehensive, allowing attendees the opportunity to learn hands on new rehabilitation strategies and techniques in a clinic setting with such a diverse set of tools readily available.

Your understanding of extremity biomechanics and the mechanisms of the many extremity injuries really accelerated the learning process. Thankyou for sharing your unique approach with respect to functional extremity evaluation and for giving others the fundamentals necessary to better diagnose and treat extremity dysfunction.

~Kenneth Lamkin, DC, CCEP, Hidden Springs, ID

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